Smart City IT Consultant San Mateo County

San Mateo County and Eaton & Associates IT Company Helping Create Smart Cities

San Francisco Bay Area IT Company Working to Plan for Smarter Infrastructure

Smart Cities are coming to your neighborhood and Eaton & Associates – a leading Enterprise IT Service Provider – is helping local governments move this trend forward in the San Francisco Bay Area. Eaton & Associates IT company in partnership with San Mateo County and cities within are laying the groundwork to connect each municipality with a dedicated Shared Fiber Network (SFN) which will be the driving force facilitating local governments building Smart Cities. In partnership with San Mateo County, Eaton & Associates is playing a pivotal role as an IT consultant planning the technology architecture, design, and implementation.

San Mateo County is an epicenter of technological advancement and the headquarters to many of the most impactful technology companies in the world. It’s no surprise that the county is leading the charge on an initiative such as this, working to keep cities competitive, modern, and able to pool resources together making our community stronger. Eaton & Associates is honored to be a strategic partner with San Mateo County and cities participating in the project. Based in Burlingame, California, Eaton & Associates has partnered with diverse companies, non-profits, City and County governments since 1989 to develop IT solutions to difficult and complex problems.

“The Shared Fiber Network has the same potential impact as the historic rail systems, telegraphs and interstates did on our communities by facilitating modern communication, commerce and travel. It is a privilege to partner with San Mateo County on such a far-reaching initiative.” – John Eaton, President of Eaton & Associates

The momentum behind Smart Cities is quickly gaining traction. The race to modernize virtual infrastructure and provide high-speed connectivity will be a critical part of preparing cities to handle the barrage of internet connected devices that the public will demand and expect going forward. Increased connected device demand such as the adoption of the “IoT” (Internet of Things), has made the concept of a Shared Fiber Network a necessity for cities looking ahead to the not so distant future.

Seek IT Consulting to Help Your City Plan for a Smart Future

Is your city ready to start planning for secure high speed connectivity or are you interested in connecting to the already established network currently being built in your area? Eaton & Associates Bay Area IT company can help guide you through the process including design, implementation, and maintenance. Contact us today to learn more about Smart Cities and the technology you need to power it.

Eaton & Associates, founded in San Francisco in 1989, provides Enterprise IT Services & Products to a wide range of clients, including Government, Commercial, Small and Medium Business, and Non-Profit Organizations. Services include Professional IT Services, Consulting, Project Management, Out-Sourced Operational Support, IT Staffing and Procurement Services. Visit for more details.

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