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IT Management Urges Businesses Collecting Customer Data to Revisit Security Procedures

Law Firms and Others Need IT Solutions for Data Security and Breach Procedures

Over the course of 2016, there have been several law firm data breaches ranging from deep intrusions to stolen or lost portable media devices like laptops. Do you have adequate IT solutions in place? According to crime prevention institutions like the FBI, it is no longer a matter of if, but rather when will your firm be targeted for data breach. 

Consequences of a Customer Data Breach

One of the most serious consequences of security breach in a law firm is the unauthorized access or loss of sensitive client information. Other critical issues for a law firm include loss of billable hours, system correction costs, acquisition costs for new hardware or software, and business downtime. Planning with IT companies, implementing safeguards, and evaluating business data security both for law firms and businesses in general will only continue to be more important in an age of significant data risk.

Reviewing the magnitude of the data you collect

In order for you to undertake a successful evaluation of your privacy and data security risks, it is essential that you first understand all the kinds of data you gather and store from your clients, employees, and other relevant parties. You will also need to establish whether the kind of data collected in your firm has changed over the years and if it is properly regulated. In addition, you must also find out if you are receiving or sharing data across borders, and if it is in the service of your firm’s overall objectives. If not, you should stop the flow of information to reduce potential risks of data breaches.

Revise your privacy notices

It is important that you review your privacy notices to ensure that they are accurate, up-to-date and in line with your firm’s data collection and sharing practices. You should also ensure that all your privacy notices are in compliance with constantly-changing federal and state regulations.

Update all data procedures and security policies

Privacy regulations, technology, laws, and the global market continue to evolve each day. As a result, to maintain data security and integrity, you must ensure that your procedures and policies allow data to be collected, stored, utilized, and disseminated safely.

Have response plan in place

When it comes to information security, it is critical that your IT solutions include a written data response plan. This is the only way your company will be able to effectively react to a breach. A well formulated plan includes ability to quickly recognize signs of a breach, ability to contain its effects, preserve relevant evidence, contact the right people, and determine who must be informed of the situation and advised on steps to take to protect those affected.

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