Why Should Schools Outsource IT?

Building future leaders of the free world is your business. Managing technology is not.

Your passion is limitless, but your IT resources may not be. Free up your school’s IT resources so they can focus on the faculty and students, while also bringing down your IT operating budget. Equip your school with cutting-edge technology, tools and training, and benefit from decades of experience and expert guidance. From 24/7 network monitoring to help desk and IT project management, Eaton & Associates is here to help you take your mission to the next level.

It’s crucial that your network, computers and systems are in good standing, always.

Outsourcing part, or all, of your organization’s technology management and support to an experienced, well-trained team – called IT “Managed Services” – is increasingly popular among PK-12 schools. Managed Services brings technology expertise and experience to your organization, ensuring you can stay laser-focused on meeting the needs of your customers and delivering on the promise of your non-profit.

Let’s chat about your unique needs and see where you’re looking for help. Need assistance with G Suite for Education? Chromebook and other asset management? Apple device and software provisioning? Mobile Device Management (MDM)? These are some of the many things we love to help with.

Technology costs can often be offset through smart planning and budgeting.
*We are a successful E-Rate service provider.*

The schools and libraries universal service support program, commonly known as the E-rate program, helps schools and libraries transform into 21st century learning centers. The FCC program offers eligible schools, school districts and libraries funding for telecommunications, telecommunications services and Internet access as well as internal connections, basic maintenance of internal connections, and managed internal broadband services. The discounts available can add up and are typically between 20 percent to 90 percent of the costs. Here are a few examples of potential savings:

  • Reduce your school’s Internet and internal connections expenses.
  • Subsidize a portion of your budget for Internet and Wi-Fi upgrades.
  • Use funds to build your one-to-one digital learning initiatives.

E-Rate funding for internal connection upgrades includes:

  • LAN switches, wireless access points, caching services, and related technologies.
  • Basic maintenance of eligible hardware and software.
  • Managed services of internal connections.

Want to learn more about the E-Rate program and how to apply? Click here and we will help you get started.

Why should schools partner with an IT firm?

  • Your staff and faculty is growing.

    New people, computers and classrooms require more IT support!

  • IT infrastructure is more difficult to manage.

    As your technology needs grow, they become increasingly time consuming and complex to manage.

  • Your IT Department is maxed out.

    Your IT Department is pulled in many directions and wants to put more effort into academics, EdTech and the classroom experience.

  • Business continuity planning calls for secure and reliable backup management.

    Your needs are growing and require better business continuity policies (e.g., a solid power management, backup and restore plan).

24/7 Network Monitoring, Bay Area San Francisco IT Help Desk Support Solutions Consulting

It is important to understand your school’s educational goals, and how technology can help you attain them, to maximize the value of your relationship with your IT Partner and Managed Services Provider (MSP). There are additional benefits in working with a LOCAL provider like Eaton & Associates, such as our abilities to warehouse and hand-deliver your equipment, as desired. Being local, we’re also able to assign on-campus engineers if your needs call for it. Our unique strength as a firm who has both Professional Services and Managed Services divisions positions us to serve you well. Give us a call and we’re happy to discuss further by phone or in-person.

Why should you work with Eaton & Associates?

  • We are a local team of Bay Area professionals.

    Eaton & Associates is in Burlingame, right outside of San Francisco, and we work with organizations throughout the Bay Area. In addition to Managed Services, we provide a wide range of value-adding IT expertise, including IT project consulting and project management, procurement, and staffing.

    Having a local IT partner has many advantages – both technical and non. We’re able to be there in person when it makes most sense, and we’re able to leverage our local warehouse when your technology needs call for it.

  • Our services are tailored to your needs – not one-size-fits-all.

    We understand and address your unique technology needs, so your team can operate at its maximum potential without worry about technology issues.

  • We keep tabs on your IT infrastructure 24×7×365, with proactive remote monitoring and management.

    When a problem does arise, our technical experts can quickly resolve it; in many cases before you’re even aware that there was a problem at all.

  • We are your support system for getting technical issues resolved right away.

    We work beside you to ensure issues are addressed in a timely manner, so your team can stay focused on tasks at hand.

Here are some of our IT services below. Don’t see what you need? Let us know.

  • Network Monitoring and Management

  • Endpoint Monitoring and Maintenance

  • Email Management Services

  • Shared Threat Analysis

  • Backup and Storage Management

  • Network Discovery and Assessment

  • Quarterly Business Reviews

  • Optimization and Quality of Service Reporting

  • Patch and Security Updates Management

  • Antivirus Scanning and Removal

  • Voice and Video Traffic Management

  • Firewall and Intrusion Prevention System

Let us know how we can help!