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Why Your IT Consultant Wants to Move Your Applications to the Cloud

If your company has previously abstained from the trend to move to the cloud, you aren’t alone. Not everyone has embraced this transition with open arms. Many businesses have held onto concerns about security, data performance, and up-time. However, advances in cloud technologies have put many of these concerns to rest. The following are some of the top reasons an IT consultant believes that you should move your applications to the cloud.

Why Your IT Consultant Wants to Migrate Applications to the Cloud

Less Busywork

Many of the tedious and mundane tasks that an IT staff might handle in house are unnecessary. Because a cloud-based system requires less data management, you can reduce some of that unnecessary work for your IT team. This leaves them with more time to tackle more important projects for your company.

Better Integration

Often, cloud systems can integrate easily with other systems, such as transactional email and marketing systems, point-of-sale systems, and social media. This makes it much easier to synchronize a variety of systems for better overall functionality.

Greater Security

While some business owners are hesitant to move to the cloud due to security concerns, those concerns could be largely unfounded according to many Bay Area IT consultants. The security landscape has changed to the degree that attempting to secure data in-house could leave a company vulnerable. A skilled IT tech can help ensure that your data is safer in the cloud than perhaps ever before.

Easier Recovery

In the event of a disaster, a cloud-based system could save a business much time. A cloud-based system can also provide more efficient solutions for backup and recovery. With an in-house server, the possibility of losing crucial data is very real.

Lower Maintenance

Because a cloud system is off-site, your team does not need to worry as much about continually installing software updates. The cloud company takes care of such updates instead, and that includes vital security updates.

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