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Are Your Employees Fed Up with Your “IT Support”?

How Does Your IT Support, or Lack Thereof, Impact Your Workforce?

In our digital world, IT support has become an integral part of any business structure. Without harnessing the power of technology few businesses would be able to compete and attract and retain the most talented and gifted people they need to allow their business to grow. As you evaluate your IT solutions pay careful attention to these 5 signs that your employees might be fed up with your business’ “IT management”.

Constant complaint about sluggish equipment

There is nothing more irritating than having to work with a slow computer or server that takes ages to boot up or get the job done. Sluggishness of the most crucial equipment your staff needs to perform their work can affect the productivity and efficiency of your employees as well as make even the simplest tasks frustrating or even infuriating.

If you find that there are numerous issues being forwarded to the IT helpdesk which they are unable to resolve you know there’s an issue. It’s only a matter of time before a few small things become bigger things and begin to significantly impact productivity.

Buying new hardware and software can help, however a long term solution may require additional dedicated & knowledgeable IT support personnel who will be capable of resolving all technical issues.

Untimely issue resolution

While your business might have a dedicated IT department, or outsourced IT managed services, you might still find your employees complain about the time it takes to resolve reported issues. The longer it takes, the more your employees will lag behind on their individual duties. Your business needs IT support staff which can both predict and plan for issues as well as solve problems as fast as they arise to keep your business running at full steam 24/7.

Down time not only frustrates your employees, it is likely to cost your business money. Down time is likely to cost you in the form of overtime pay, after hours or emergency technical support, and potentially in the form of finding, hiring, and training new employees to replace frustrated staff that moves on to work in a more predictable environment at another company.

Outdated applications

They say old is gold. However, if an old application isn’t nearly as efficient as a new replacement, then you should do away with it.

Research the latest applications in your industry that your employees can utilize to more quickly and competently complete their work. Cloud-based applications are now more affordable than ever and they allow for remote access. Work hand in hand with the IT department to research and plan to get the best application for your business and don’t forget to plan for growth.

If you want to grow your business, make sure that the applications you consider are capable of meeting the needs of your business now as well as in the future.

Limited equipment

Equipment such as scanners and printers are important in a company. If your employees do not have ready access to the equipment they need when they need it they are going to become frustrated.

Make sure you provide adequate equipment. If it’s a busy time of year and your staff is fighting over crucial tools, that might be expected, but if your staff is consistently queuing to use a piece of office equipment you might want to invest in another unit to allow for a smooth workflow.

Reduced complaints

When your employees complain and routinely do not get their issues resolved they may eventually stop complaining and work with what they have, for better or worse. Apathy is not a trait you want your staff to embody, but if they feel that their requests aren’t recognized or addressed they may feel helpless and it will impact their overall satisfaction with their work.

To avoid making your staff feel helpless and ignored, you need to listen to, and react to, complaints and feedback. Carry out surveys that will help in identifying deficiencies in your technology and figure out how you can solve issues to improve both your staff’s engagement as well as productivity.

Bay Area Businesses Should Consider Outsourcing IT Support

Eaton & Associates knows about taking control of IT support for businesses. Making IT a business priority helps to ensure the productivity of your business as well as enabling your staff to efficiently complete their work without the unexpected and frustrating hassles of dealing with equipment, network and other IT related issues. Making IT a business priority prevents unnecessary stress, frustration, and obstacles to smooth workflow. Outsourcing your IT support to Eaton & Associates will enhance your day-to-day via proactive and preventative monitoring to stop issues before they happen. Let us start managing your business IT today, you won’t regret it.

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