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Is Mac OS more Secure than Windows? IT Company Weighs Mac Fact vs Fiction

Over the years, there have been several Mac security myths gaining popularity among computer users. An IT company knows better than to take them at face value.

IT Company Reviews Mac Myths, are they Fact or Fiction?

Fiction: The Mac does not get viruses

The notion that there are no viruses for the Mac can be traced back to the Mac OS X, which was launched at the very beginning of this millennium. Using basic IT support terminologies, there is some basis with regards to this idea, but the most significant elements still remain a fallacy. This is because technically, a virus is a malware that spreads by attaching itself to other files. Based on this rigid definition Mac viruses are non-existent. However, using the same thought process, it is the same for Windows. Generally, experts agree that viruses have largely disappeared from the threat landscape.

Fact: There amount of existing Mac malware is relatively low

True malware is rare when it comes to Mac computers. In fact, the average Mac user has never been the victim of malware. However, Mac users should still be on the lookout for such threats because they have been increasing in frequency in the company’s systems. Over the last few years, there has been a spike in the amount of adware and PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) among Mac users.

Fiction: Macs are way more secure than Windows

Even though more threats are recorded among Windows users, this doesn’t mean that the dangers faced by Macs are less significant. One of the main reasons why people believe that Mac is more secure than Windows is because statistically, Windows malware variants show up almost every day, unlike those of its counterparts.

Fact: The Mac OS has built-in anti malware software

Turning off anti-malware software on the Mac OS is impossible, and the feature is particularly well-hidden from the user. It is an anti-malware software program known as XProtect, and comprises of some standard signatures used for identifying known malicious applications. The way it works is that if you attempt to open a new app for the first time, the software will check it against the XProtect signatures and, in the case it matches one of them, the system will prevent it from opening.

Consulting an IT Company in the Bay Area is the Best Solution

The fact and fiction statements as discussed above regarding Mac and Windows are just a few common ones; there are still many more ideas circulating among Mac users. As you plan and purchase new equipment, knowing fact from fiction is important. You need to fully understand your user needs as well as how the many devices you have to choose from will meet them. Eaton & Associates, an IT services company in Burlingame and San Francisco, can assist you with IT solutions that will work for your business as well as protect you from ever-increasing threats from malicious software.

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