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Office 365 Tips: Built-In IT Solutions You Might Not Have Noticed

Office 365 is the cloud version of Microsoft Office, and for those who utilize it wisely, it has proven to be a major asset. When you purchase it for your Bay Area business, surely, you will want to get the most from this subscription product. With this in mind, you should take the time to become very familiar with its features. While you may already have explored some of the features, this brief guide should help you get to know the Office 365 IT solutions even better and start being even more productive.

IT Solutions in Office 365

Skype While Working in Real Time

In the same way that you would collaborate with co-workers while all collaborating on the same document, Office 365 lets you do that virtually. You can Skype with others by clicking a Chat link, allowing you to keep up with the conversation even after you have exited the document.

Convert One-Note Items to Calendar Notes

Instead of manually transferring details from one note to your calendar, simply let 365 do it for you. You can also email such details to your team members. This feature will help to conserve time.

Excel Power Map

The Power Map function converts rows of data into an interactive 3-D map. The various filters enable you to filter the data as needed. This could be useful if you’re interested in creating visual presentations.

Easy PDF Conversion

365 completely streamlines the PDF conversion process. Once you are done editing a document, you will have the capacity to directly transform it into a PDF document. For easier editing access, you can also turn a PDF document into a Word document, which is arguably an even more useful IT solution.

Simple Data Reformatting

This product also takes the hassle out of reformatting data. Since the Flash Fill feature is intuitive, it automatically follows your lead when changing the format of data such as lists.

Email Signature

DocuSign enables you to digitally insert your signature into emails. You may also use the feature to gather the signatures of other authors.

Plenty of Storage

No matter the capacity of your business needs, this cloud product offers ample storage. It comes with 50GB of storage, and allows you to save space by sharing attachments via OneDrive.

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San Francisco Bay Area IT Solutions and IT Support

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