Eaton & Assoc. Sponsors Good Morning San Mateo Breakfast  

Announcement – Learn About Creating a Disaster Recovery Plan

The next installment of the San Mateo Chamber’s Good Morning San Mateo series, Business Emergency Response, will happen Friday, August 25th!

Do you have well-documented business continuity and disaster recovery plans for your organization?

Have you tested them in a simulated disaster?

It is critical that you’ve protected your most sensitive data with a well-implemented disaster recovery plan that minimizes downtime due to human error, system outages, and physical or cyber-theft.

Eaton & Associates is delighted to sponsor the upcoming breakfast. We will have information to help you wrap your arms around disaster recovery and business continuity planning in the context of IT, so you are armed with the tools and information you need to protect your organization.

Join us on Friday, August 25th for delicious breakfast and great insight from the panel on emergency response and disaster preparedness.

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Is Mac OS more Secure than Windows? IT Company Weighs Mac Fact vs Fiction

Over the years, there have been several Mac security myths gaining popularity among computer users. An IT company knows better than to take them at face value.

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Are Your Employees Fed Up with Your “IT Support”?

How Does Your IT Support, or Lack Thereof, Impact Your Workforce?

In our digital world, IT support has become an integral part of any business structure. Without harnessing the power of technology few businesses would be able to compete and attract and retain the most talented and gifted people they need to allow their business to grow. As you evaluate your IT solutions pay careful attention to these 5 signs that your employees might be fed up with your business’ “IT management”.

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IT Management Urges Businesses Collecting Customer Data to Revisit Security Procedures

Law Firms and Others Need IT Solutions for Data Security and Breach Procedures

Over the course of 2016, there have been several law firm data breaches ranging from deep intrusions to stolen or lost portable media devices like laptops. Do you have adequate IT solutions in place? According to crime prevention institutions like the FBI, it is no longer a matter of if, but rather when will your firm be targeted for data breach.  Read more

IT Solutions for Securing Smartphones & Mobile Devices

An IT Service Company’s Basic Tips for Smartphone Data Security

Smartphones and mobile devices are the loose ends of your IT infrastructure. They weave in and out of secure and non-secure networks with potentially complete access to your vital and confidential company information. Securing your devices is an ongoing battle but there are some fundamental actions and IT solutions you can utilize today to minimize the risks.

The One Constant “in IT” is Change

Organizations have been slow catch up on securing confidential company data while their employees’ devices are outside the bounds of a controlled IT environment. Cyber security threats and data breaches are some of the leading dangers that modern businesses face today, due to the ever-increasing transmission and storage of important digital information.

IT Solutions providers are partnering with companies from all industries to educate, plan, and systematically defend your company’s data from a breach. Here’s a few tips to start…

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10 Important SMB IT Solutions to Improve Data Security

Even though small to medium sized businesses typically don’t have huge budgets and dedicated employees to address data security and proactively prevent breaches that larger firms do, SMBs must make an effort to implement at least basic IT solutions protect data and clients.
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Fall Update: Eaton & Associates Presents Regional Fiber at MISAC Annual Conference

Regional Fiber at MISAC Annual Conference

Where: San Diego, CA 

The Benefits of Regional Fiber: Connecting Cities Together, Today

In collaboration with representatives from the Cities of Redwood City and South San Francisco, as well as County of San Mateo, Eaton & Associates presented at the 15th Annual MISAC 15th in San Diego, California. The presentation focused on the benefits of building a regional dark fiber network to facilitate collaboration and included technical highlights demonstrating reliability and data integrity. Eaton & Associates, the County of San Mateo and several of the cities in San Mateo County are currently implementing a regional fiber network which could be the new standard in communication between communities.

Smart Cities & the Regional Fiber Connecting the SF Bay Area

Bay Area, IT Help Desk, Regional Fiber, San Francisco, San Mateo, MISAC, BurlingameNot so long ago our cities were separated by simple lines on a map, an actual border parting towns and municipalities where each sought to run independently… Population growth, urbanization, and incredible advancements in technology have blurred those lines and the coordination between regional local entities is more important now than ever before. Regional Fiber could be the bridge that connects our communities together.

The exciting news is that the initial infrastructure is in place starting within San Mateo County with the potential of connecting the all the Cities and Counties around the Bay. Building this 21st Century infrastructure will connect key locations with high-speed fiber (City Halls, Fire Stations, Police Stations, etc.), enhance collaboration with organizations like hospitals, libraries, and public safety, and enable municipalities to leverage high speed fiber for economic development, infrastructure enhancement, disaster recovery and serve the public good.


Connecting cities and municipalities with regional fiber is an investment in infrastructure and a technology that differentiates communities by attracting and retaining commerce. The terms “Internet of Things” and “Smart Cities” have emerged as simple ways to explain that connectivity is becoming a requirement rather than optional. The technology now exists to connect our cities together on a regional scale.

Interested in Participating?

This is a regional collaboration among communities, governments, and businesses across the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s exciting to note that concept is well on its way to becoming a reality in the heart of Silicon Valley with plans on expanding out towards circling the Bay.
If you’re interested in joining the collaboration to expand regional fiber in your community we want to speak with you. Send us an email to with the subject line “Regional Fiber” or call our San Francisco Bay Area IT office a 415-282-1188.

Eaton & Associates is a proud MISAC Gold Strategic Partner 2016

Eaton & Associates has been working for 25 years to provide Bay Area IT Services & Products to a wide range of clients, including Government, Enterprise, Small and Medium Business and Non-Profit Organizations. Services include: Managed IT Services, Professional IT Services, IT Project Management & IT Consulting. Eaton & Associates is a strategic partner with most technology vendors such as HP Enterprise & Aruba Networks, Palo Alto Networks, Nutanix, Nimble Storage, Cisco, Rubrik, Dropbox for Business, Dell, VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, Apple, and many more top technology vendors. Eaton & Associates has offices in San Francisco and Burlingame, California.

MISAC, The Municipal Information Systems Association of California (MISAC) is comprised of public agency information technology professionals working throughout California. MISAC promotes the understanding and strategic use of information technology within local government agencies through sharing of best practices.